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Can’t Afford the Costs of a Personal Life Coach? There are Alternatives

If you are not able to afford one you can always follow their work and may choose to buy a few products they may have to offer at more affordable rates which is almost something they all offer.

Remember that the decision to invest in yourself and in more productive things such as your personal development can create long-lasting and positive change in your life going forward.

You may also choose to expose yourself to new ideas and philosophies and then create your own based on what feels right to you.

As you progress in knowledge and understanding you will (depending on your personal goals and interests) eventually grow personally, mentally, financially, physically, and even spiritually down the road.

One way to start getting some virtual coaching online is simply by watching YouTube videos of these life coaches, motivational speakers, success coaches and other experienced personal development specialists.

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My Own Experience

When I started my journey into the idea of “positive thinking” I started by cutting off useless activities such as watching mind-dumbing TV shows and replaced them by listening to many motivational and personal development speakers on YouTube and the internet instead, I then purchased some of their material that most resonated with me such as books, coaching programs etc.

I learned so much and shortly started formulating my own ideas and concepts based on my own experience, and the experiences of others, then I put pieces of the puzzle that started coming together in the form of reprogramming my mind and changing the perception of how I saw myself and the world around.

With time one topic led to another and suddenly I found myself going into more profound subjects that were more spiritual by nature related to consciousness and our higher purpose. It’s like going up a roller-coaster, you build up motivation and the desire to succeed in life, wanting to be a winner, and build the confidence that you can make anything happen.

You set goals, you work hard, you dream, you achieve, the adrenaline is pumping and the optimism is sky high. And then something even more magical happens. You start going down that roller-coaster, everything begins to paint itself more simple, subtle; you realize it is all part of our experience in life.

All the adrenaline slows down turning into a more peaceful state of being, into finding a deeper connection with human nature and everything that surrounds us, you realize that you enter a new dimension of consciousness in which you know you can achieve and manifest anything you want, yet somehow material things have less and less importance as it once used to.

But you KNOW that the only thing you need to do is to want to experience something because that is what you feel as part of an experience you want to have, not because you necessarily want it or even need it. You become your own master and not another victim of your circumstances.

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