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Practical Ideas For Boosting Self Esteem When Dealing With People Who Put You Down

dealing with people who put you down

3. Walk away

As a last resort; walk away from the situation if it continues. While small minded people may view walking away as being cowardly and timid, the opposite is in fact true.

Only the stronger person walks away from a scene that’s only going to end up with them being bruised.

Remember, you’ve already ascertained the mental condition of the person who’s always trying to put you down; they are just a “garbage truck looking for a dump site”.

If you don’t walk away, you automatically choose to carry their filth.

While it is not so easy to deal with repeated put downs, you must take solace in the fact that such unfair treatment is not a reflection of your self-worth.

Mastering the skill of dealing with such people is indeed as emancipating as it is strengthening for your character!

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