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Overcoming The Worry Habit

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Worrying is something we cannot prevent from coming into our lives, but we can overcome it once it comes.

The important aspect of worry is when it spurs our minds into a positive reaction towards a problem.

However, worrying becomes harmful if it sends you to a state of unrelenting doubts, fears and anxiety.

Have you ever known that worrying is a habit that can we can overcome?

Below, we shall take a look at what leads you into chronic worrying and a few tips on how to break the chronic worrying habit.

Why Chronic Worriers Find it so Hard to Stop Worrying

Negative beliefs about your worrying can take you on a worrying spree.

In most cases, we tend to worry more about our worrying.

For instance, you will believe that this chronic worrying habit of yours is harmful and it’s going to drain all your emotional strength, and probably affect your health.

Such beliefs fuel anxious thoughts about your life.

The anxiety will feel uncontrollable and make you keep worrying.

What Can You Do To Stop Worrying?

Most worriers try to “stop” the anxious thinking.

This might not work because your mind will be preoccupied with the worry of getting rid of the worrying.

My number one quick approach is to learn how to postpone your worrying.

Postponing gives you a break to worrying at the present moment and saves the anxious thoughts for later.

The postponing habit grants you with more control over worrying.

For instance, you’ll know, yes I have this worry but let me get back to it later in the evening.

Secondly, you need to have a problem solving mentality.

This involves evaluating a situation to distinguish between the solvable problems and the problems beyond your scope.

Worrying doesn’t make sense because it can’t solve a problem.

It only suppresses the hurting emotions about the problem.

You need to step up, brainstorm and come up with all possible solutions to your worry.

If you are worrying of something that is unsolvable, just embrace the unpleasant emotions you are trying to worry away.

The last way to overcoming the worry habit is to accept uncertainty and move on.

Worrying tends to make us think more about how to deal with the unpleasant surprises and bad scenarios that the future has in store for us.

Since we can barely predict what the future holds for us, why can’t we sit back and enjoy the good things we have now?

Start focusing more on the goodies you have at present moment than the worst-case scenarios you might have to face in the future.

This will help you break your zeal for certainty.

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