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Overcoming The Hardships We All Go Through

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If our health has been negatively effected by poor choices, we can strive to break those bad habits.

There are some problems in life that are beyond our control. But even in those circumstances we can make a conscious choice to make the best out of our life situations. No problem can defeat us unless we allow it to define us!

It has been said that our lives are like tea bags. When you put them in hot water, whatever is inside the tea bag will come out. In the same way, when our lives are placed into the “hot water” of hardship, our character will be drawn out in those times of adversity.

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Are we going to give up, focus on our pain, and live defeated lives by allowing our hardships to define us?

Or are we going to keep our eyes on the finish line, reach out for support, and use our setbacks as stepping stones for success? The choice is up to each one of us.

Photo credit: Ryan Holst

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