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Overcoming The Hardships We All Go Through

deep thinkingThe second key to dealing with hardship is to remember that we do not need face it alone. We can seek out emotional, physical, and spiritual help.

Find a faith community that can support you in your time of grief. Find a support group filled with understanding people who have been through or are going through the same hardship you are facing. There is hope and strength in realizing that you are not the only one suffering in this way.

Lastly, when facing hardship we need to fight the temptation to let that hardship define us. For example, if we face a loss of a relationship that was not our choice, it can be natural to feel that we are undesirable. We can easily clam up and refuse to see other people because we are allowing that one person’s rejection to define who we are as a person.

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The reality is that just because that one person chose to move on, we do not have to assume that no one else could find us desirable.

We need to focus on our good qualities, improve in areas we can improve, and keep moving forward. If we have failed financially, we can seek out financial counselling to improve.

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