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New Data Reveal The Benefits Of Knitting For Promoting Happiness

When you are feeling down, being alone gives you more time to contemplate things. It gives you a much better way to view things from a different perspective. Some people would even develop a hobby that will keep them occupied and forget about sorrow and sadness.

Knitting is one of the hobbies that allows you to toil on your creativity while you cultivate positive thoughts. I myself would like to develop this hobby because new data have revealed its potential to make plenty of room for happiness.

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Turns out, it is possible to knit yourself into a better state of mind.

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Clinical psychologist Ann Futterman-Collier who runs the Well Being Lab at Northern Arizona University, is studying what Arizona Public Radio station KNAU calls “Textile Therapy” — the emotional benefits of knitting, as well as crocheting, weaving and quilting.

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