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Never Settle For A Person That Does Not Appreciate You

unappreciated and lonely wife

unappreciated and lonely wife

You are always the one to walk the extra mile, put your best effort and get things done just to make your partner happy.

Problem is, all the great things you do are left unappreciated.

Your partner seems to be indifferent to your good deeds.

When in love, an individual does things he or she doesn’t normally do.

Love is often used as an excuse for doing selfless deeds and even if these are neither reciprocated nor appreciated, you do not consider yourself affected.

Is love really enough to make you stay?

Is love going to fill in the gaps and mask the bitter truth that your relationship is going nowhere?

A relationship is all about give and take.

However, when your relationship is going off a cliff, you need to get to the bottom of the issue.

Nip the relationship that lacks appreciation in the bud.

Don’t beg appreciation from your partner

You might be tempted to remind your partner that you are not getting the appreciation you deserve and although he complies with your request (or plea for that matter), the recognition you yearn will only be temporarily appeased.

Without willingness, any needs will not be successfully fulfilled.

You should remember that appreciation is not asked, it comes naturally once the person realizes them.

Make him or her aware but do not force the issue

Over familiarity can be one of the reasons your efforts usually go unnoticed. Analyze the patterns so you will know what really went wrong.

If the lack of appreciation only took place when you got married, you might want to check some aspects of your relationship that made your partner unappreciative of your efforts.

Do not force him or her to change for you even when the issue has already been addressed.

Appreciate yourself

Don’t spend too much time trying to make the relationship work when your partner does not even appreciate any of your efforts.

Learn to appreciate yourself instead and you will be able to see the difference.

Being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forget about yourself.

If you cannot appreciate yourself, no one else will.

Expect less

Although it is good to hope for the best, expecting less will prevent frustration.

If you think that your relationship is going nowhere as your partner no longer values it, leave.

Maintaining a toxic relationship can do more harm than good.

Get out of it and find someone who will value and appreciate you as the person you already are.