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How Painful Experiences Teach Us A Brighter Side To Our Life

see the bright side

see the bright side

It sure is unpleasant and often painful to live through negative experiences, but there exists a bright side to it, even if you don’t see it yet. As a humanity I believe that even negativity has a very profound purpose that may be hard to understand at first.

Sometimes I think and wonder; “what would life be if no negativity ever existed?”

If everything was “perfect.” I concluded that as a humanity there just has to be a point where we all evolve into a higher state of thinking, and I am not talking about becoming logically or analytically smart necessarily, but something that goes even beyond that, you can also call it a higher state of consciousness.

When we reach this level it marks the turning point of the next evolutionary cycle of life. A quantum leap into a different way of existing. I believe this cycle is starting to happen.

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