Law of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction: How Our Thoughts Become Our Reality

The Cosmic Law of Attraction establishes that similar things are attracted to each other. We are beings based on energy that transmit a certain electromagnetic frequency and vibration of energy that attracts those who we like the most.

These ties will come natural and when you meet those who seem to share similar frequencies and vibrations, you do it easily and quickly.

There will be a feeling of getting to know them before, as it looks like they picked up where they last left off. This could be in the form of soul mates with whom you have lived a past life and are already familiar with.

We are now evolving and changing as we go into higher levels of consciousness. As we grow and change to the higher aspects of our being, we will also begin to attract those we like the most and we will intermittently distance ourselves from those with whom we no longer resonate.

This is the Law of Attraction in physical form, but there is also the Law of Attraction in thought which is the most powerful of all. Our thoughts and perceptions of situations and circumstances are what drive us to action and reaction.

When something we consider tragic or unfavorable happens to us, we can choose right then how we want to respond.

Many times, there are two different versions of reaction: negative or positive. The negative reaction may cause you anger, revenge, sadness, depression, or victimization. The positive side can show you soul growth, lessons, gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation, love, or any and all combinations.

You can increase and decrease emotions between negative and positive points of view, changing direction as your pendulum of perception also swings here and there. This is a very natural reaction to any given situation.

You have the power to choose how you want to react and ultimately see your position. When that pendulum stops swinging back and forth and stops, you have an important decision to make; What do you want to learn or get out of this experience?

Your choice perpetuates your thoughts and then becomes your reality. The way we create our reality the most is through thought and visualization. The more you think about it, the more you will visualize it and then you will create this to be your experience.

If you choose to attract more negative thoughts in any environment given by the energy that you visualize and send to the universe, all this attracts you. You can continue what you want to experience less. Again, it has the power to change direction at any time by shifting gears and deciding to see things differently.

As we collectively raise awareness, this becomes a common struggle for the majority. Not only recognizing when an unfavorable reaction triggers us but being aware of changing it before it is perpetuated too long and too long.

It is of utmost importance to us to learn to process information differently, knowing that all things happen for a divine reason. It is not for us to decide what happens to us and who we know, but we certainly have the choice of how we want to respond. Your degree of happiness is essentially determined by the quality of your thoughts, and the power of attraction will take you from there.

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