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What To Do When Bad Things Keep Happening, and You Don’t Know Why or What to Do About It

I have a deeply personal and heartfelt message for you today. People don’t know this but the time before I even came close to achieving success being a Law of Attraction specialist, I continuously failed many times in my life, over and over. This happened for 10 years in a row.

In fact, so many times did I fail that I ended up doing many dumb mistakes to the point of losing almost everything:

  • friends
  • health
  • relationship
  • confidence
  • pride
  • savings
  • self-esteem
  • the ability to simply feel happy that I was even alive!

At one point, I worked 60 hours a week, I had a debt of $ 18,000, I took pills for anxiety and depression, I had 35 pounds of excess fat, and at 35, I slept on the couch in my mother’s home…

… because I could not afford a motel and I had nowhere to go.

The humiliation, the shame, and the panic were indescribable. Not know what to do. I did not know how to fix things. I felt that everyone else had everything together, while I was stuck in an emotional and financial backwater, fighting not to get in the ass and reach NOWHERE.

I just could not understand why all these horrible things kept happening to me. And while working like a maniac, there did not seem to be any different. Every time I started to get ahead a bit, something “emergency” happened and I ended up back at ground zero.


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I tried not to be bitter. But seeing everyone else get ahead while fighting, pinching and skimping was like swallowing a shot of vinegar. How is it that the others were living lives of abundance, while I was beating my guts every day and getting nowhere?

However, looking back, that series of humiliations and failures was without a doubt the BEST that has happened to me.


Because it led me to the opportunity of meeting with an old friend… And a set of simple, almost magically useful’abundance principles’ that turned EVERYTHING around for me.

Here’s the story. (Warning: embarrassing confession ahead.)

One day, I was walking, worrying silently about bills and my weight and the stressed wrinkles that appeared on my forehead, when I ran into an old friend at random. He asked me how I was doing, and he listened in silence as I let go of the horrible truth like a sick cat throwing up hairballs.

I have to admit that the history of my failures was quite pathetic. And I expected some comfort, some understanding, maybe even a hug …

But instead, he told me something that really felt more like a slap in the face. ‘Heather,’ he said sternly, ‘you’ve been talking about this thing’ in abundance ‘, all wrong.

‘It seems that you believe that abundance reaches those who work hard and never give up. “But the truth is that hard work is not the way to get ahead in life.”

‘What,’ I snapped, ‘so I should sit on my ass eating chocolates all day?’ ‘No,’ he said calmly.’You need to stop trying so freakin’ hard all the time.

‘See, stress is not going to bring you any abundance because it doesn’t respond to pressure, anxiety, or overwhelm.

‘It responds to what you’re THINKING AND FEELING on the inside.’

Well, at this point I have to say that this made me feel annoyed, his simplistic approach to the difficult to understand trainwreck that was my life…

…but at the same time, I had run out of ideas on how to fix it myself. So I swallowed my pride, then had to ask him,’What should I do?’

What he gave me were 5 principles – 5 small, easy principles that changed EVERYTHING around for me. These days, I have felt the change and now feel more, confident, secure, and healthy.

I’ve dropped from a chunky size 14 to a slim size 8. I’m in a healthy relationship with a great man who brings a smile out of my face every single day.

I truly love my life. And my main objective in sharing this personal story is to encourage you to find the tools I used to transform despair into prosperity and happiness.

In fact, these principles will help change your life so fast that you will be making cartwheels on the grass and shouting THANK YOU! to the Universe off the top of your lungs.

The Five Abundance Principles

1. There’s no such thing as ‘the privacy of your own thoughts’; they are a megaphone right to the Universe’s ear. This means that whatever you’re thinking, whatever is going on in your mind, you’ll attract more of.

2. Worry and stress are like praying for what you do not want. You need to stop worrying about not having time, money, energy or love. Know that each time you spend valuable resources in the joyful pursuit of what you love, you will generate MORE of those things. So stop praying for what you do not want.

3. Doing too much to get ahead is far WORSE than not doing enough. The tranquility, the time of inactivity and the time to relax is the fuel that feeds its abundance of fire. If you really want MORE, then quiet time is not a luxury; it is a necessity

4. Never, never stop getting up off the ground. Nobody and I mean NONE, is exempt from criticism, suffering, pain, and failure. At some point, those things will hit us all. So stop giving yourself such a difficult time. So you were wrong? SO WHAT! Go back, and continue doing it as many times as necessary. Your attitude is the only thing that determines whether you will stay on the ground or if you will get up again.

5. Under each adversity a gift with your name is hidden. There is a purpose behind every problem: the Universe is preparing you for something bigger and better. So never, never, never give up.

So remember: it does not matter what you’re going through now. It does not matter how desperately you need things to change. No matter how badly you’ve ruined it, I can almost guarantee you that I’ve been there or shorter.

And I could still get up and recover higher than ever, simply by applying these principles to my life.

‘Ok, Heather, then how do I USE these principles? What is the next step?

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By Heather Mathews

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