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To be asleep is to not feel anything, neither good nor evil or to experience both. To be awake is to be able to make a choice.

Many walk their daily lives in a hypnotic state without even knowing, it works much the same way as when you are driving a car, notice how you fall into a trance where you feel as if you are not feeling or as if you are driving without thinking much about the action of driving itself. Your mind may be focused on the road instead because driving has become second nature. You don’t realize or remember about having a foot pressing against a pedal until you become aware of it once again.

As another example, you can become deeply attached to certain feelings, such as when you have been betrayed and feel the heat of anger and hatred flowing through your veins. A range of emotions is felt throughout your body and mind.

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When we are “asleep” we often run our lives on autopilot, and sometimes we experience both extremes of the love/fear spectrum inexplicably and uncontrollably.

But when you are “awake” you start to connect the dots of the meaning of existence and life and CAN experience the experiences you CHOOSE to experience at will, and by your own design. You are no longer running on autopilot, you are deliberately using your infinite value to create your own life as you want it to be. You have a choice.

positive inspirational thoughts #1

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