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How To Use Painful Past And Mistakes To Guide Us For A Better Life?

overcoming past mistakes for a better life


We create negative feelings once we make a mistake no matter how big or small. In this cycle, we hurt ourselves but also hurt others.

Your past mistakes never stop running your mind. Even though there are times you are happy, at the end of the day, your brain will remind you of your mistakes until you start over thinking all the negative thoughts and situations that never really happened.

You become so depressed and stressed, you try to shut down your brain in a way of trying to get some sleep but anxieties and fears won’t let you stop thinking.

How can you cope up with the painful mistakes?

Four years ago, there was a 17-year-old male who was physically and verbally abused by the members of his family. When he was able to move, he could never stop thinking all the painful experiences. He realized that it was easy to escape from his situation but he could never escape the memories in his head.

So, he tried to escape through drinking and drugs. It was his perfect escape just to forget everything for a while.

He had suicidal thoughts but in the midst of his thoughts, there was hope.

One day, he woke up. He asked for a better life. He prayed. But it was hard for him to stop his vices. He still continued for few months but he caught himself hoping for a better life, thinking of happiness.

He tried to limit the uses of his vices until he focused his attention on the thought that gave him hope.

He never stopped looking for the things that he thought would make him happy. He worked many jobs and spent his time on doing good things with a passion of drawing. He focused his attention on Art and expressed his feelings through Art.

He joined an Art community. He cultivated his talents and met good people. He spent days, weeks, months and years. He is now a professor of Art that helps street children. He encourages children to spend time on Arts so children can avoid the involvement on doing bad habits.

This story gives us a lesson that our painful past and mistakes are meant to guide us for a better future. Our past can break us, it can tear us apart but when we focus on the positive thoughts and hope for a better life, everything will change.

Life is like a long road, there’s a smooth road but there’s also a rocky road that you should go. Whether you choose the left way or the right way, you’d still experience the same roads.

Hold on to the things that give you hope. Do the right things. With a little faith and patience, you’ll get there.

By Gladys Saludez Batenga
Choki Art & Inspiration