How Technology Could Kill Your Relationship

how technology affects your relationship


These days, technology has brought convenience to everyone and in just a few clicks you can complete your purchases or any type of transactions from the comfort of your home.

Aside from making long and tedious transactions shorter and easier, technology has connected people in ways we only dreamed of in the past, but beware for it has also been considered a communication barrier especially to couples.

Couples maybe seated next to each other, but busy checking their smart phones. The essence of spending quality time with each other has become “virtually” non-existent. In this article, talking to your partner about how technology interferes with your relationship can really help.

If you think that technology has already become a substitute to spending some quality time with each other, here are some ways you can deal with this challenge and prevent it from becoming a real problem with the potential to kill your relationship:

Create boundaries around techno-time

Couples who have avoided the dreaded impact of technoference tend to have strong boundaries around where and when smart phones and other technological devices may be used. One way of deciding the boundaries around technology may include certain locations, for example, the bedroom. Deciding that phones, tablets and laptops don’t enter the boudoir can increase intimacy and improve sleep.

Have a conversation about how technology interferes in the relationship

If you feel that the use of technology is interfering with your relationship, then it may be time to address your concerns overtly. If you worry about how much time you or your partner spends on social media or other distracting technological pastimes, then talking about it could make a difference.

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