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Four Signs Of A toxic Relationship

four signs you're in a toxic relationship

It is very hard to get the best out of yourself if you are in a toxic relationship. It becomes hard for you to remember what you are and what you want in life. However, it is very hard to differentiate between normal relationship challenges and signs of a toxic relationship. Here are the most common signs of a toxic relationship and how to deal with them.

1. If your partner brings the worst out of you

When you are in a healthy relationship, you tend to be generally happy. This happiness reflects on almost all aspects of your life, such as your friendships, career and health. When you are in a toxic relationship, you don’t feel free to speak your mind.

You tend to put on a fake face in order to be accepted by the person. This can be a very emotionally draining experience that will prevent you from getting the best out of yourself.

2. Presence of a constant power struggle

Arguments are part and parcel of all relationships. However, if your partner is more focused on winning the fight rather than resolving it, then he/she is subjecting you to a toxic relationship. Is he/she more focused on being in control rather than approaching the situation with empathy and compassion?

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When you are faced with a challenge in your relationship, both of you need to let go of your egos for the relationship’s sake. If your partner is finding it hard to do so, then you are in a toxic, unhealthy relationship.

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