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How You Can Forgive Yourself And Others To Move On

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Always talk to someone who understands you. This is the perfect way to forgive and move on easily. Talking to someone who understands you not only helps you relieve the pain but it also makes you feel loved and cared for. People who understand you will always guide you in the right direction. In this manner, you will find yourself forgiving those you wronged as well as forgiving yourself.

Another great thing to do is to try and make amends from your mistakes. It’s always advisable to try and apologize to those you did wrong. Asking for forgiveness helps ease the pain and tension between yourself and the other person.
Never allow yourself to have a negative guilty conscience talk.

In some situations, you might find yourself placing the entire blame on… yourself. Always avoid words such as “I am a bad person” or “I am always on the wrong”. Such words tend to do you more harm than good because even when it was not your fault, you are essentially programming yourself to make you think it was.

When things have reached rock bottom, you can always reach out to your spiritual side of your beliefs. Talk to your Higher Self, Source, Universe, Creator, God,  whatever your beliefs are, and always mediate on the different teachings about forgiveness that you have learned.

Visualize a way forward. Try and see yourself forgiving or been forgiven even if you haven’t really talked to your offender or the person you have offended. Visualization gives you a goal and a potential that can easily change you.

Always remember what Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The weak cannot forgive because forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”

Picture yourself as being the strong person and you will be surprised by how fast you will move on.

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