Could These Energy Center Frequencies Make You Feel Better?

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You may know about the energy centers in the body, also known as chakras, recently I did some research where I found the frequency of these energy centers in Hertz as it relates to sound. According to a story I heard from a natural healer, where a person was having irregular heart beat, this person was put to listen to sound tones in the frequency of the energy center that corresponds to the heart area. Within a short amount of time (it wasn’t specified) the person’s heart beat returned to its natural beating rhythm.

Chakras are said to directly affect your physical body, the emotional state and frequencies that you are exposed to on your daily life brings balance or dis-balance to your energy centers which in turns affects the body, especially relating to the areas where these energy centers are found.

I have yet to experiment on my own but I am happy to provide you with what I found to be the corresponding frequencies to these energy centers. Try using them with a tone generator App in your smartphone and plug these frequencies to listen to the tones.

Sound has a profound effect in our body, it is beginning to be understood better thanks to such experiments such as cymatics.

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Look for a Tones Generator App in your smartphone, I use the following iPhone App: Signal Gen

Sound Energy Centers Frequencies

Crown 432Hz (top of head)
3rd Eye 576Hz (middle of head)
Throat 384Hz
Heart 512Hz
Solar Plex 364Hz (sternum area)
Sacral 606Hz (splenic, stomach)
Root 456Hz (groin, tail bone area)

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