Depression Self Esteem

5 Tips For Defeating Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem in short, is having negative attributes and beliefs towards oneself, not having firm and positive beliefs in our abilities, self-worth and lack of understanding in our conscious and subconscious mind.

This often advances and turns into depression.

It can be caused by growing up having negative image of yourself.

This often comes from our own parents, or people that surround us when we are most vulnerable in childhood. Some examples could develop in the way that all the things you ever did were never pleasant or satisfying to your parents when you were young.

You may have also been neglected of positive affection with positive feelings. It can also be caused by physical and emotional abuse which leads to psychological stress thus eventually leading to low self-esteem.


Also, a separate example is having academic challenges which may cause our confidence to drop ultimately affecting believing in ourselves.

People with a low self esteem typically look withdrawn from their surrounding and do not talk much about themselves.

In some cases it can come from a drop in school grades to some extreme cases which cause a person  to contemplate hurting themselves when they come to strongly believe that there is no reason for them to continue living.

Improving Your Self-Esteem

Improving it is not an easy task as taking a walk in in the park. It takes courage for one to admit to having this challenge before you can take the necessary steps to improve it. After acknowledgement, you can take the following into consideration to help better your self esteem:

1. Positive thinking and having inspirational thoughts.

Remember, “for us to regard others as worthy, we first have to regard ourselves as worthy.”

You can begin by exploring yourself for your strengths and weaknesses, acknowledge these and work on the areas that you need to improve on gradually.

You might get to know more positive attributes about yourself you didn’t even know you had.

2. Take action to manifest your dreams and desires.

This can grow your self-confidence and give you strength to face life’s challenges as you will have a goal of having a bright future ahead of you full of endless possibilities and creativity.

Remember, taking action is indicative of “movement.” Why is this important?

Well, simply because with no movement there is no creation. And no movement leads to stagnation, boredom, lack of motivation, feelings of having no purpose in life.

Take it from nature, for example, water that is stagnant eventually starts developing a foul smell and then ugly things start growing in it.

But when water moves, it gets oxygenated and is full of life.

3. Use the law of attraction to maintain a positive attitude.

Remember that, our self esteem is something we can always “steer” in whichever direction we want.

Set your mind tuned to what you want in your life to look like and start setting some goals to get you there.

This is what will give you a direction where you want to go and be at.

It will give you a strong sense of purpose, and something to work towards to and look forward to.

4. Talking to a therapist or psychologist about it if helpful to get you started if you can’t on your own.

This might prove to be the best way that might work for you as some self esteem issues are too complicated and painful that you might need someone with more insight to talk to.

This is where the therapist comes in, remember this is their work to help you get rid of this anguish.

As you do this try some of the other tips previously mentioned to strengthen your results in a positive way.

5. Pay attention to what you experience through your senses.

Be selective of what you let your eyes hear, your eyes see, your skin touch, your tongue taste and your nose smell!

Your senses will translate to you what feels right and doesn’t.

As you start to master your senses you will become more consciously attuned of your own self and your connection to reality.

6. Seek spiritual knowledge and understanding.

You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. If you learn about nature, for example, you will quickly begin to see a reflection of yourself.

When you start to realize that you are an energy being first and a physical being second, many doors of understanding will begin to open up.

Soon enough, low self-esteem will be but a memory.

Learn through my experience and find out the things that took me into an awakening to my true potential and started to change my perception of life and way of thinking.