Dealing With The Manipulative Behavior Of Others

manipulative and deceitful behavior

manipulative and deceitful behavior

Relationships are wrought with joys and challenges. It can be difficult to remain objective in dealings with other people when we spend a great deal of time with them. In our work, family, social, and other relationships, it is not uncommon to run across people who use emotional tactics to try to manipulate those around them.

There may not be anything you can do to stop them from behaving in this way, but you can decide how to respond and how to encourage those around you to cope with these issues.

When someone tries to use manipulation to get their way, they may use either aggressive or passive tactics. For example, a passive aggressive person may not come right out and tell you what they have in mind, but they will try to relay what they want and work you until they get their point across and get their way.

One example of this is when a person uses “emotional blackmail” to change someone else’s mind about something. If a couple has to decide whether to visit one set or parents or the other, the passive aggressive person may not directly say, “It is important to me that we see my parents this weekend.

We saw your parents last weekend and it was a good visit. I feel like we need to take that amount of time to show my parents that we’re concerned about them, too.”

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