Dealing With A Know-It-All Secrets Revealed

dealing with a know-it-all person

dealing with a know-it-all personDo you have a friend who seems to dominate every conversation? Does she/he exude arrogance and make everyone in the group feel that she/he is the best? A know-it-all friend can be toxic and hard to deal with.

You may have the urge to interrupt them, but you listen to have they have to say as you don’t want to offend. However, everything has its own limitations.

If you feel that a know-it-all friend is already making you feel uncomfortable, these approaches can help you resolve the conflict:

1. Try to understand

There may be a reason why your know-it-all friend is the way she/he is. Maybe she/he has low self-esteem or she is not happy in her life. Try to understand her and understand why she/he acts the way that she/he does. This tip is very important, especially if the know-it-all is your best friend!

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