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Counting Your Blessings Are The Key To Attracting Good Things In Your Life

blessed to walk barefoot by the beach

blessed to walk barefoot by the beach

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There is an almost magical “formula” that goes beyond science and logic, perhaps you can begin to understand it as a more spiritual experience. Whenever you have and express feelings of joy and gratitude you somehow start to attract wonderful experiences in your life. As you continue to adopt this as part of your daily life, life itself seems to begin to flourish around you.

If you want more from life — start by counting your blessings instead of counting your losses, deficits and wants.

Impatience, resentment, jealousy and endless “want” are not creative attractors and have no value.

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These feelings block your opportunities. From time to time, everyone experiences these thoughts, but you must learn to move through them constructively.

When negative feelings move upon you, reflect, and recognize the danger of feeding those feelings and keeping them alive.

Let them take their course and see to it that they burn-out like a campfire in a dry forest; watching them carefully.

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