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10 Practical Tips To Make Life Feel A Little Easier When Depressed

tips to help you when feeling depressed

6. Don’t rely on yourself to get better.

These suggestions are a great way to make your depression feel a little lighter. But you should never be afraid to seek treatment, whether in the form of talking to someone, taking medication, or another method. It’s not all on you.

7. Don’t listen to sad music even if you want to. Create a happy playlist instead.

Research shows that music has the power to induce a mood, so prep a few uplifting playlists ahead of time. “It feels validating to listen to sad music when you’re depressed at first, but it’s actually an easy way to get stuck in that mood,” says Taitz.
If you need a place to start, you might like these songs from the ’90s that will instantly put you in a good mood or this playlist that will make you want to dance.

8. Decorate your space so you actually like being there.

“A lot of times, when people are depressed, their apartment looks depressing,” says Taitz. Take good care of your living environment—clean it, decorate it to reflect your tastes, make it a place you want to exist in, not disappear from. These tips will help you be happier in your home.

9. Try to find healthy food to eat.

Comfort food is delicious and great in moderation, but when people are depressed, they sometimes eat more than they mean to. Then next thing you know, you feel like crap, physically and mentally. “It’s a cycle,” says Taitz. “You feel down, so you eat, then you gain weight, then you don’t want to go out.” Eating healthy foods will at least make you feel healthier physically even when you’re emotionally a wreck.
If you don’t know where to start when it comes to eating healthy, these 24 diagrams will help.

10. Pick up a hobby that has room for improvement.

That means finding activities that won’t just give you pleasure, like watching TV, but will also give you a sense of accomplishment. It could be anything from painting to learning guitar to running more miles to finishing a book—anything that you can get better with over time.


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