Changing The Way We Think About Others

passing judgement to others

Is it easy to pass judgment on a person based on his or her appearance right? I myself am guilty of it and yes, it’s all because we’re human. Is it really enough to justify the way we behave towards others?

While reading the article, I’ve come to realize that the people we surround ourselves with every day can contribute to the way we perceive others. People around you don’t tell you what to think and how to act because it is ultimately up to you,  but they can certainly influence you in your way of thinking and perceiving.

There is a very important lesson in life that we often miss out on realizing as we are busy passing judgment on others. If you are quick to judge, think about these three ways you can avoid doing so:

#1 Let go of labels

When you judge people, you form a perception by labeling or categorizing them.

Then you come up with all sorts of details on how their lifestyle must be like.

And thus when you do that, you automatically label yourself, mostly because you want to “belong”.

Let it go.

#2 Judging only wastes your time and energy

No, it isn’t about creating a perception to “watch out for yourself” or because you can’t help it due to “human nature”.

It’s just a waste of time.

That amount of energy spent on someone else, whom you barely know could be used for yourself to achieve further clarity.

#3 Who you hang out with is how you think

There’s this quote, “You’re the average of the five people you hang out with the most”.

And I believe in that.

How you act, think and behave is largely because of the people around you.

Many people disregard this fact, thinking that one’s character is mostly up to them.

That’s true to some extent, but the people around you actually dictate who you are on a large scale.