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Be Thankful For What You Have Now

content in life quote

content in life quote

The world has been teaching us to find what we think is missing in our lives. We must satisfy the human needs in order to survive and to live happy.

People have different perception in life. We have different definition of happiness like having the face or body we desire to be confident in front of the people, having the latest gadgets, cars, fashion to be fit in the modern era, to buy a new house, to find a romantic partner in life, to be healthy, and to be updated so we can put a #hashtag on our tweets and posts on social media, etc.

What else do you think is missing in your life? What do you feel when you think that you have a little or no chance to achieve all you ever wanted in life?

Does it bring you down? And every thought that comes into your mind is all about the negativity, right?

In fact, once we achieve our goals and once we got the material things we want, once we have the person we like, as long as we live in this world, we never stop looking on what else will make us happy. Life is a cycle, we never stop asking ourselves on “what else is lacking in my life?”, I think I should do that.. I think I should get that.. “I think” .. That’s because we never stop thinking.

But when the right time comes to any of us about the real meaning of life. When you started to be thankful on what you have right now, to be content with the way things are. The realization comes that there is really nothing lacking. It is this time when you’ll feel that the whole world belongs to you.

By Gladys Saludez Batenga