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How To Start To Create Success And Abundance

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According to Anthony Robbins, author of the book Unlimited Power, a person after having been surrounded by limitations can move towards success through certain particular elements. In this sense, it identifies several characteristics of the same such as:

Success is integrative; it covers the different areas of a person’s life: spiritual, emotional, social, psychological, intellectual, family, professional, economic, etc.

Success is projected towards the environment, generating empowering situations.

It is a process that is developed gradually and permanently, from the application of principles that are intervening behavior in an empowering way obtaining specific and verifiable results.

Success is closely related to the concept of power. According to the author, successful people have the common element of power, which lies in the possibility they have of creating the results they want. Also to expand them towards their desired environment, to change their lives, to control their individuality, to define and satisfy their needs and to develop their own values ​​towards others, through effective internal and external communication.

It raises the point that in previous eras the division of classes and the possibility that the human being directed his life was given by factors linked to force, tradition, authoritarianism, and economy.

Nowadays, it is linked to information, because even when these elements remain essential, with the development of technology, and easy access to television, movies, books, computers, Internet, videos, audios, podcasts, video calls, etc., we have entered the information age, where specialized knowledge according to Tony Robbins is one of the most essential sources of power.


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This is of great importance because this access to information opens a range of tools that enable the knowledge and development of the internal and external communication factor that empowers the elements of power, and therefore the achievement of results.

The formula for attaining success

1. Definition of Goals: Define accurately and precisely the results you want to achieve, know what you want from the implementation of specialized knowledge.

2. Move to action: It is necessary to carry out concrete steps to achieve the results we have set.

3. Develop sensory acuity: It is a monitoring of the actions, attitudes, habits, we are executing in relation to the results we are obtaining, in order to determine the degree of approach or distance to our goal, either by default or by excess.

4. Flexibility: The previous factor leads to the possibility of making the necessary adjustments to modify the course of our behavior and strategies depending on the achievement of our goals.

Together with this formula of success, the author concentrates in his proposal some factors that constitute elements that enhance this, since they are traits that serve as an impulse to do what is necessary to succeed, and are basic activators that can guarantee success.

1. Passion: It is the inner strength or inner impulse that moves towards the execution of actions in a dynamic way, to achieve the goals set.

2. Faith: It has to do with the power of faith and beliefs. Affirm that it is our faith in who we are and the internal certainty of reaching our goals that determine the results we will obtain.

3. Strategy: Refers to the steps, actions and specific resources to be used to achieve the goal.

4. Clarity of values: The judgments of ethical, moral and practical order that sustain our personal structure are determinant because they are related to the belief system that supports our vision of good and evil. Because of this, there must be a connection between the goals that we set and our values.

5. Energy: It has to do with the vitality that is needed to act in the physical, intellectual and psychological order, to make the most of our possibilities and therefore the opportunities that come our way.

6. Power of adhesion: Possibility of connecting and establishing relationships with other people, which has to do with the attitude to communicate with the environment.

7. Master in communications: To achieve success, it is necessary to communicate optimally, both internally and externally.

The author states that all these elements are closely related, that they are part of a basic support system to achieve the successful execution of the formula of success.

Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying. – W.Clement Stone

There are some who say that you can’t fail if you don’t try, you have probably heard that one before.

But chances are you won’t be gaining or achieving anything either.

This is even more important because when you really want to achieve something or create a specific change in your life…

doing nothing will certainly bring you that…nothing.

Therefore we must move on to something even more powerful.

And so will your life continue to stay in the same situation you are in.

Trying may involve the risk of failure, but doing nothing will definitely get you no results.

Trying at the very least will have an experience that will teach you something right?

But here is something that may even take you beyond trying…

Surpass the attitude of “trying” to simply DOING! You know, the can-do type of attitude full of determination to make something happen that you may have experienced at one point in your life with smaller things.

There is a greater force behind your intentions and if your intention is pure, specific, charged with motivation, determination and will, you WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Whatever it is you want to achieve or change.

You do not have to get it perfect, you just have to do and get it going.

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