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A Strikingly Eye-opening Lesson On Living In A World Of Opposites

We live in a world of duality, where everything has two sides of the same coin. It is no different when comparing heat and cold. But when you start to understand on a deeper level, that they both have purpose, it is then when you will start to realize how you can use that understanding to have better direction in your life.

This may remind you of the yin and yang, its philosophy is basically the same principle I just mentioned. Here’s a good explanation of some of its meanings:

Cold can freeze you to death, heat can dry you to death, but balanced together they make life flourish. If you feel you have had enough learning with negativity, it’s time to practice positivity to start to make your life flourish by bringing balance.

As you develop yourself, you will come to a point of neutrality where opposites are in balance, it is in this state that ego begins to fade and a higher level of consciousness begins to emerge giving life a totally different meaning.

I call it, the awakening process.


A lot of times we go through dark moments only to learn to appreciate the beautiful ones. Remember that.