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7 Ways On How To Deal With Past Mistakes


5. Make a mental note of the mistakes you made and have overcome. When you think of this list, you will subconsciously begin to program yourself with the confidence and experience to prevent yourself from doing the same mistakes again and again.

6. Learn from other people’s mistakes. Do not repeat the mistakes made by others, for you will now know the consequences. One caveat with this however, is that not every person is the same, has the same perceptions and therefore some mistakes done by others don’t necessarily mean that you will do them too, learn from others but plug this knowledge within your own inner guidance and intuition when you find yourself in a similar path.

7. Lastly, reach out to the universe and ask for support. This is a self-affirming step and you will see that you will become a better, and a more confident, optimistic, and overall positive person.

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