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7 Tips to Help Heal Emotional Pain

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We all go through painful and emotionally difficult situations in our lives at one time or another, and although no one likes to be in pain, experiences like these are part of our human nature.

It is not the painful experience that matters most, but how we are able to overcome and what we learn from these difficult life lessons.

The following are 7 powerful tips to help you heal whatever emotional pain you are going through at this moment:

Always remember to accept and acknowledge what you are going through, not as defeat but as a natural and difficult experience you are going through.

1. Embrace with grace all that you face.

“Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Let go of any feelings of anger, disgust or frustration you might have towards yourself, your emotional pain and your current reality. Resist nothing. Embrace with grace all that you face. Surrender to what is. Accept what you’re going through. All your thoughts, feelings and frustrations. Accept your emotional pain as if you have chosen it.

2. Let nature heal and comfort you.

“One has to be alone, under the sky, Before everything falls into place and one finds his or her own place in the midst of it all. We have to have the humility to realize ourselves as part of nature.” Thomas Merton

Spend more time outdoors and Look outside in nature for evidence of decay, destruction and death. Of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal. And remind yourself that you too are part of nature. Allow nature to be your wise friend, teacher and companion. Allow nature to heal and comfort you. To teach you more about the infinite circle of life. About birth, life, death, rebirth and about yourself.

3. Turn your wounds into wisdom.

Every experience that comes your way, comes your way for a reason. Seek to know what that reason is. Seek to learn from every painful experience and every painful interaction life sends your way. Be an alchemist. Turn your wounds into wisdom and your difficulties into opportunities. Let your pain make you better, not bitter.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” ~ Albert Einstein

Pain is temporary as long as you do not get attached to it in the long run. Let’s look at 4 more things that will help you…

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