7 Big Relationship Mistakes We Make

Couple enjoying a sunset together

#4 Can’t Handle Distance

It is not uncommon for someone to have a job that takes them far away at times. Some people are not cut out for a relationship like this but will make the mistake of trying to stick with it anyway. It may seem brutal to break it off because you can’t handle the distance, but in the end you will only be saving each other from years of misery.

#5 No Romance

Sure, feeling like you’re in a chick flick can be pretty cheesy, but sometimes it’s those cheesy little moments that really show your partner that you care.

#6 Not Handling Embarrassment

A lot of people will accept being with someone that makes them feel embarrassed, or worse, someone that is embarrassed to be seen with them. Don’t sell yourself short just because you’re afraid of being alone. You owe them and yourself the respect to get out.

#7 Not Compromising

Let him pick where you go to eat if you get to pick the movie or vice versa. In the end, neither of you will really care what you did that day, but you’ll always remember that you were both willing to do something just because the other person likes it.

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