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5 Ways To Keep Your Mind Fit

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Mind fitness is as equally important as physical fitness. Ever heard of the famous adage ” what you think is what you are”?

It rings true because if you have negative thoughts, you also attract negativity and it also shows by the way you act and behave.

Based on the original article, personal development focuses on three aspects: mind, body, and soul.

You can’t say you have promoted overall fitness if you missed out on focusing on your mind and soul. When you focus on being mentally fit, your body can also benefit from it as well. I consider number 1 as an effective way of promoting mental fitness.

1. Reading

One of the first things one think of when talking about stimulating the mind is reading. It doesn´t necessarily have to be books, but reading on the whole is stimulating the mind. It also develop ones feeling for language, and developing the language makes one grow as a human. One can assimilate broader and deeper texts.

2. Think before reacting

We are always facing different situations in life. Mostly we react automatically to these situations. If it is something that may lead to a change our immediate reaction is resistance, a no.

3. Go for walks or be in stillness

Personally I recognize that walking is something that stimulates my mind and my thinking. To be outside gives fresh air and gives a chance to experience nature or whatever is in the surrounding. It increases the intake of oxygen and makes the brain more alert and clear.

4. Solving crosswords, playing chess and similar things

This is things we do where we have to use your brain to figure out solutions. Solving crosswords is one example, playing chess another.

5. Colors stimulate

Colors is also something that stimulates the mind. If you want to get attention from the mind you can use strong colors. We can see this in advertising on the Internet where the advertisers emphasizes the most important words by using strong colors.

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