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5 Tips On What To Do When Others Take Advantage Of You

unhappy thinking

unhappy thinking

When you focus so much on pleasing people, then you are likely to end up in a situation where they start to take advantage of you. This will consequently lead to you having an unhappy life. Are you constantly trying to please everyone around you and you are wondering what to do when others take advantage of you? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you can use the following to guide you helping you to put a stop to it:

1. Establish your limits:
People will only respect you when you set a standard for yourself. Refuse to compromise your principles in an attempt to please other people. Raise your bar and stick to it.

2. Know your self worth:
If you always do things to avoid offending others, the chances are: you have pegged your self worth on them. You depend so much on their validation for you to be happy. It is about time you stop that and realize that you are worthy. You do not need anyone else to show you your worth.

3. Learn to say ‘No’ :
Once you learn how to say ‘No’, you will never have trouble with people taking advantage of you., Take a step of courage and confront the,. Tell them why you cannot do what they want you to do. You have to learn how to stop people from walking all over you. It may be hard at first, but once you learn how to say ‘No’, you will never have to worry about being oppressed by others.

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