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5 Things People With Depression Are Hiding

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A lot of times when we are depressed, we start pretending everything is ok, and we create a false world of happiness around us trying to escape our hurt and pain, all these things that are eating at us inside our inner reality.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges is that living in denial will only appear to help so much before we break down again. It is why it’s of large importance that we recognize some of the depressive states in our emotional life that are being suppressed in an attempt to escape them.

Knowing some of these will allow us to take responsibility, getting out of denial and seeking the help we really need to move forward with our lives. If you, a friend or a loved one are going through some of these. It’s time to get help.

Here are some of these things people tend to hide when they are in a depressive state.

1. Can have a high level of interest in philosophy

A person’s growing desire to talk about philosophical topics using abstract language may signal the presence of hidden depression. “This always happens to me,” instead of “I haven’t had enough sleep for two weeks.” “Nothing makes sense,” instead of, “I think I should try a different method.”

Some depressive people like to talk about the meaning of life, and they do it all the time, but their words say nothing concrete. Psychologists believe that the more concrete the person is when expressing their thoughts, the more likely they are to be satisfied with life.

2. Search for excuses

People with a depressive disorder often use excuses to hide their true desires and sorrows. For example, they can invent a moving story of why they didn’t go to a friend’s birthday or why they didn’t stay for dinner with their colleagues.

The excuses serve as camouflage for not traumatizing or disturbing anyone with their negative emotional state.

3. Lack of an adequate reaction

The person who goes through a depressive state perceives reality in another way. You can begin to agree with everyone, stop expressing your opinions and desires, not react when someone offends you, and even feel no pain in situations where it is inevitable, for example, when you lose a loved one.

They often become detached and develop a form of numbness.

4. Careless appearance

A state of depression is usually reflected in the appearance. If a person begins to neglect himself, stops complying with the basic hygiene rules, and does not keep his house in order, there are reasons to ask if he is well.

This only applies to those who had no trouble maintaining order and cleanliness before.

5. Exaggerated joy

Masking depression under a positive appearance is a frequent occurrence. In public, people who live in a constant emotional pit can look very happy and carefree. They avoid serious conversations and joke about difficult issues.

You can only “open” such a person in a confidential conversation.

If symptoms of depression are observed in a loved one, try to talk with them about their health and offer help. If the person does not allow contact, they must be left alone for a while, but it’s important to monitor their status.

Don’t underestimate the problems of your loved ones, don’t be ironic and don’t laugh at the situation. The words of “encouragement,” “enough,” and “relax” do not usually work in this case.

Offer to help with small things, with everyday problems. Depression leaves no energy to solve them.

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