5 Sure-Fire Ways to Raise Smarter, Happier Children

kid playing outdoors

kid playing outdoors

If there are two qualities that parents want their children to possess, these are being smart and happy. In raising a happy and smart child, our child-rearing practices should be more than just nature versus nurture.

Since the children’s well-being and intellectual growth are the ones we consider as the important aspect of their development, researching about the techniques that can nourish them is such a good move.

While it does not necessarily take rocket science to figure out how children can develop these qualities, parents play an important role in molding this kind of children.

There are the best practices that every parent should follow to increase the probability of raising smarter and happier children.

1. Walk the talk — always set a great example.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you live your life every day. Don’t tell your children how to live; LIVE and let them watch you. Practice what you preach or don’t preach at all.

2. Reduce YOUR stress, and thus the stress level in the household.

Not easy, I know, but believe it or not what children want from their parents more than anything else is for them to be happier and less stressed.

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