4 Signs You Might Be A Little Too Judgmental

Being too judgemental

Anything that deviates from our own moral standards are definitely not exempted from our watchful eyes. We consider ourselves keen on judging others and no matter the personality, microscopic flaws are magnified simply because it does not fit our own moral concept.

We may try to turn away and keep our mouth shut but it seems so delightful to judge others based on what we see. While judgment can either be right or wrong, it can still have a negative impact on an individual. In a society where non-conformity equates to defiance, the only way you won’t be judged is when you follow the crowd.

In the original article, all points are true especially number one. You may not be totally aware of it but you might have some manifestations of a judgmental individual:

1. You leave no room for mistakes or forgiveness

Sometimes people do wrong us or those we care about. Mistakes are in our nature. To value someone only on their faults and to attach everything they say or do to that negative stigma to define them as a person is being too judgmental.

2. You rate others based on their appearance

They say ‘first impressions are everything’ , but is this really true? I know this may be hard to believe, but some people don’t feel the need to get dressed up to meet you. Maybe give them a chance to show the person they are instead of what shirt they have on.

3. You constantly gossip about others

Everyone falls victim once and a while to a little gossip, but to go out of your way to spread rumors or make negative comments or trash-talk others to people they may or may not know is a sign of being too judgmental. And if all your friends gossip, imagine what is said when you walk away.

4. You assume people are lying without evidence

Trust is hard to come by sometimes. Some people make it harder to trust their word than others, but you are probably being too judgmental if you automatically assume someone is lying without any evidence as to why they would even feel the need to.

Source: 9 Signs You Are Too Judgmental