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4 Frequent Mistakes Overprotective Parents Make

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As parents, it is a great challenge to raise kids with all the influences going on around them, the different environments they are exposed to and wanting what’s best for them. But as they grow, parenting becomes more difficult.

These next points are very important because it allows overprotective parents to deliberate and take the opportunity to rethink and correct their parenting skills.

The goal of all parents in the world is to protect their children and teach them how to protect themselves as they grow up, but when children are overprotected, the opposite is true. The overprotective attitude of parents (most of the time, it is unconsciously) has very negative effects on the lives of children. So being overprotective parents will only bring long-term problems to the children.

Parents need not always defend their children. They must teach them to defend themselves, and they should not be doing their schoolwork, they must teach them how to do it, they shouldn’t be doing everything for their children, so they don’t get tired or suffer in any way, they need teach them to be independent in life.

Yes, it hurts us to think about this, but the law of nature will prevent us parents from being there someday in their lives, and it is our duty that, when that time comes, they already know how to be strong, independent, and be able to defend themselves in their own lives in this world. When you prepare your children in this way, they will be better equipped with the knowledge and experience to deal with difficult and challenging situations in their lives.

If you are wondering at any point or another whether you are an overprotective parent or not, it is because you will likely have to add some value by modifying a few things. Let’s look at some common mistakes that overprotective parents often make without realizing it:

Being present anytime and anywhere. To not let children deal with circumstances alone is to cut the wings of independence. Teach them to deal with situations in which they can fend for themselves. And when they need help, let them be the one who asks for help, let them be wrong too because that’s ultimately how they will learn.

Trying to be their best friend. We all want our children to love us as their parents, and cannot even fathom the thought of them hating us. But this is a big trap that won’t help them especially as they reach adulthood. We must let go of the fear of losing their approval because we’re not helping them become stronger in adversity, we are simply teaching them and making it easier form them to simply complain and get mad as a way to get something they want.

You do not have enough confidence in your children. This is what children notice when parents do not let them do things for themselves. Your child also has the right to be wrong, but most of all, to feel the satisfaction of a job well done, do not deny them the opportunity by doing everything for them.

You believe your children have zero flaws. As parents, we never want to hear anything negative about our kids. If someone dares to say something to them that doesn’t sound nice, we tend to turn into the mama or papa bear, ready to bite, scream, and swing. But if we keep an open mind and heart, we may find the benefit of hearing it because it will give us an opportunity to correct it, and help our children correct it.

Do you consider yourself to be an overprotective parent? If so, this is the time to correct the course going forward.