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3 Tips For “Letting Go” and Manifest More Easily

Attachment can be about pretty much anything: people, possessions, the past, our looks/bodies, jobs, money, the present – anything! It is not so much about what you are attached to but more so the constricting of your flow from the attachment that limits your life and prevents new happenings, opportunities, experiences, and so much more from coming in.

What is attachment?

This is when you allow something to take control of your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to lose focus on other things in your life. So, you are attached to a person, a job or a workaholic, an emotion, a house or a car, or whoever or whatever it is.

What can go wrong? When you’re ‘attached,’ you hold on to it, or it comes into your life, and then you get into trouble with it. We feel as though we are ‘in love’ with something or someone when actually we are very attached to the thought of being loved. It is a matter of ‘quality or ‘meaning.’

When do we manifest?

The answers are probably different for everyone, but in my experience, I manifest every day. If I am not trying to manifest, I am actually starting to do it almost automatically, almost as if my “manifesting energy” remains going even when I am not exactly setting that intention. All I do is use my mind to visualize something then let it go. When I least expect it, it simply happens.

This can be anything from visualizing what I want in my mind and then letting go of that thought in my mind and creating a new one, visualizing that thought while in the moment of acting on it, and so much more!

Letting go is the only thing that is important here. When are you manifesting? Is it in a specific moment? On a specific day? Did you have a dream where you acted on it? Did you read something that confirmed what you wanted? Usually, you will know when it happens as you will experience some sort of confirmation.

How to let go of attachments

A key way to liberate yourself from attachments is to stop trying to contain them. There is an element of anxiety and compulsion which comes with an attachment.

Let go of the emotional need to be able to predict what will happen if you let go, let go of the obligation to contain it, or to explain it away to yourself and others. Let go of the fear of letting it go – but trust me, it is a necessary step! Once you let it go, the world will open up for you, so the short answer is: Let go of all attachments.

The benefits of letting go

As Doreen Virtue points out in her book The Agony and the Ecstasy, letting go is what we are all ultimately seeking: “In truth, we are always seeking more than anything else. We are not happy unless we are connected to something or someone. We want to live in interesting times. We want something new to happen.

We want our lives to be more interesting and satisfying.” When we let go of what we’re attached to, we open ourselves up to a more fulfilling and exciting life. Here’s what you can do: 1. Avoid relationship brainwash and the drama queen in you. Negative people, in particular, are generally attracted to an empty and unfulfilling life. They’re like parasites; they latch onto us like leeches and suck us dry.

Now, it is time to free yourself from attachment and free up your mental space. The next time you feel the heaviness of thinking about something or someone, give it up and let go. Tell yourself you are done with this burden. Let it go. After doing so, trust that something new will manifest – because you know that, deep down, it is already there for you, and you know it will bring great joy and peace.

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