Personal Development

Why We Need To Feel Unique, Important, Special Or Needed

woman feeling alone

Such individuals usually end up trying to fulfill their need for being important and needed by engaging in destructive activities. This can be anything from trying to please others so that they can be loved and accepted in return, being involved in abusive relationships just to feel wanted, to dominating other people through manipulation and violence (high school bullying, for instance).

Even though this often leads to short-term pleasure, it is certainly not good for everyone involved in the long-term.

On the other hand, there are people who were fortunate enough to be raised in homes where they were made to feel significant right from the time they were born, and this had nothing to do their behaviors. It doesn’t matter whether they did right or wrong, whether they passed their exams or not, they were always made to feel unique, important and special.

These people do not struggle to feel significant because they already know they are…they feel it inherently. To such people, the need to feel important motivates them to do more, achieve more and become the best version of themselves. They tend to achieve their need for significance by engaging in positive activities such as, being kind to others, attaining degree, excelling in their careers etc.

When all is said and done, all of us should accept that we live in this world with other people. And as you know, a society is built upon love, mutual respect, relationships and connections. Therefore, you should consciously choose healthy ways to fulfill your need to feel unique, important, special or wanted.

Ways that will bring you closer to your fellow human beings as opposed to pushing you away from them.