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Why We Need To Feel Unique, Important, Special Or Needed

woman feeling alone

It feels great to know that you are unique, important, special and needed by the people in your life. However, this deep, unyielding desire to be treasured goes beyond just feeling nice, it’s a fundamental human need that we all share, and one that’s very important to our emotional health and well-being, as well as happiness.

The need to feel wanted and special is part of everyone’s life, and it starts when a baby is born. If you’re very keen, then you may have noticed how a new baby who has just been brought home from the hospital, gets lots of attention from his parents and siblings. Even when the baby is sleeping in the crib, you will see that everyone is still fascinated by his presence. Why? Because he is the most beautiful and special thing in the world to them.

Even as the baby grows, you will see that when he doesn’t get the attention he expects from the parents, he will cry. This shows you just how deeply ingrained our need to be loved and appreciated is.

So Why Do We Need To Feel Unique, Important, Special Or Needed?

As social beings, we rely on each other for survival, and if it happens that the people in your life don’t make you feel loved, important or needed, it can negatively affect your self-belief and confidence, leading to low self-esteem and stress.

Over time, this stress can result in anger, irresponsible behavior, alcohol and drug abuse, and even suicide. This is especially true for people who were never made to feel good enough no matter what they did when they were growing up.

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