Inspirational Quotes

What’s Meant To Be Will Be

Many times we are busy waiting for results that reach us just when we want it and sometimes we become arrogant with the fact that we are totally responsible for what happens in our lives, without leaving spaces, even small ones, for causality, for the law of correspondence or the spiritual and the divine.

I believe that destiny is created by each one of us, day by day, with our thoughts and actions, with our constant decisions.

And in the middle of that which is totally rational I think causality marks our lives, that within the infinite range of possibilities, we choose one for a reason,  it is very possible, that at the moment in the short term that decision does not register well, we can even regret it, but when we reread our pages, everything is crystal clear. And I would think that the more unclear it is for me, it is because I have more to learn, more to experience, and explore. Because I feel that in the end everything will fit where it should fit.

Many times when something doesn’t come to us in the time we want or as we want it, we feel frustrated, uncomfortable and anxious

And there we can begin to act wrongly, sending messages of anguish that will create our reality. It is preferable to make our decisions consciously and to wait for the best time for it to take place.

When things are not given we can review what we have done to see if we leave loose ends in the process that we are limiting a result, if everything is fine according to our criteria, we must wait … with the resource that we must cultivate daily and it seems sometimes so scarce: Patience, that which allows us to maintain peace while we desire something.

Consider that life is beyond what we see, regardless of what we create, our life must have a meaning beyond what we live daily, trust that life wants the best for us, that if we do not get exactly what we want at a certain moment could mean that something better is waiting for us, we are not prepared, it is not convenient for most of those involved, that many things must coincide for something to happen, and that if it is It will happen in any way.