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Defeating Anger And Outshining Hatred

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. #life #happy #quotes #inspiration

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First of all I’ll just speak a little bit about anger. And anger and hatred go together and they’re a very important afflictive state because they are the platform for the resolution of anger and hatred is the platform for opening up all kinds of other beneficial potencies. Until we have completely resolved anger and hatred another word for it is “outshone” anger and hatred we don’t have an opening in intelligence for many of our beneficial potencies. The first afflictive state we need to resolve is lack of education in our intelligence, which is always opening. So all of you now have at least a basic education. And then resolution of anger and hatred. Now, most of us have been taught from early on to keep our anger and hatred at bay.

Now, some of us have anger and hatred as our most predominant afflictive state. And so we might just not even think before we snap into an angry mode. And that would be indulgence of anger. Or if we are a little bit more introspective, we might avoid it. We can feel that burning anger surging up within us, but we say, “No, I’m not going to go that way, I’m going to avoid it and I’ll do whatever I need to do.” Go out and take a walk, or have a glass a water look at myself in the mirror with my face all twisted and contorted with anger, or replace the anger and hatred with something else, like doing virtuous deeds or whatever it might be. But all of those ways of handling anger and hatred only neutralize anger and hatred, which means that just in the moment when we need resolution of anger and hatred most, it’s going to pop up again.

If it’s neutralized, it will pop up again. Only through its complete resolution and outshining by letting it be as it is over and over again seeing it resolve, seeing it self-release in the here and now within yourself without indulging, avoiding or replacing only in that way do you see what’s beyond indulging, avoiding and replacing. And what is beyond indulgence, avoiding and replacing is opening. More and more beneficial opening. If we stay contrived and contracted in the narrow, narrow conduct-space of indulgence, avoidance and replacement then we’ll always feel the squeeze. Yesterday I was talking about it like a trash compactor. We’ll always feel the squeeze. By letting it be as it is, what happens? We relax completely. No matter what is going on, we’re completely relaxed. I have people say to me, “Oh, you must be so uptight you have so much stress a worldwide organization doing all these things, traveling all over.” I feel completely relaxed. I feel like I’m not doing anything. But it isn’t just a matter of being relaxed that is within the vast open space of our opening intelligence. Inexhaustible opening intelligence. It is also the potency of our beneficial capacity.

The potency of our spontaneous beneficial capacity. So, with anger and hatred – anger and hatred have many extremes. And I always talk about the extremes of bigotry on the one hand, which is hatred and anger towards a specific group of people or the other extreme in anger is something that most people don’t even recognize or pay attention to and that is sarcasm which is the lowest form of wit and it is also anger in disguise. So, whenever sarcasm pops up just take a look see what’s really going on and very often, “I love you” would be a perfect replacement.

Sarcasm, we have all been the victims of sarcasm, so to speak. We’ve all felt the screw go right into our heart when someone exercises that kind of thing in our presence. And we may laugh it off and try to join in the fun so to speak but we feel the piercing anger and hatred that is in the statement, whatever it is. I bring up these two extremes, because as you can see, there are many things in between And this is what I have found by letting anger and hatred be as it is. By letting all anger and hatred be as it is, all extremes and everything within the extremes of anger and hatred by allowing it to be as it is there is no anger and hatred any longer.

There is only beneficial potency, spontaneous beneficial potency. So there’s no active work to get rid of anything. Anger and hatred, it’s experiencing all of anger and hatred, not only my own, but that of everyone. So, any moment that I may have felt angry there are millions of other people at that very same moment feeling the very same thing, because we have all been trained so precisely, through whatever our dogmatic system is Whether it’s original sin or karma and reincarnation or whatever it is.

We treat ourselves like damaged goods that need to be fixed. But we don’t need to be fixed. Our beneficial potency, all of our ability to relax and be totally at ease is right here in whatever it is right now. Whatever it is right now. And just letting it be as it is right now. Spontaneously self-releasing right now. The here and now is spontaneously self-releasing. There’s no way to keep it in place. No way to analyze it no way to measure it, no way to recreate it and so spontaneously self-releasing. We can prove that to ourselves right here. That’s a little snippet on anger and hatred, but it covers the broad scope of anger and hatred and normalizes it gives us a permission field to experience ourselves as we actually are without constantly slapping ourselves on the hand or worse. We let ourselves be as we are.

And for each of us that is unique. And so you see, just as unique as each of us is individually our beneficial potencies are that unique as well. Our strengths, gifts and talents are as unique as well. So it isn’t a matter of trying to get everyone rowing with the same oar. If everyone rowed with one oar, well that wouldn’t be much fun at all. We’d go round in circles. By each of us so uniquely letting everything be as it is what opens up is our wonderful beneficial potencies.

And so first, the resolution of lack of education in the nature of our own mind the nature of intelligence, and everyone here now knows what that is. What the basis of your intelligence is, it’s present whether there’s thought or no thought and the resolution of anger and hatred that is the platform for all beneficial potencies..

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