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The greatest marriages are built on teamwork

Despite what they may tell you, most relationships aren’t perfect. And although we love hearing about those stories, it can feel demoralizing if the majority of your relationships always seem to be lacking. However, the truth is that the greatest marriages are built on teamwork.

Most people get married because they want to start their lives together with someone they love. They share a home, maybe raise a family together and vow to always be there for each other but sometimes, life has a way of testing those vows.

What if one of you loses their job? What if a family member gets sick? What if one of you has an affair?

These are just a few of the challenges we all face when marriage partners are stretched thin.

Building faith in a marriage is a difficult task. It is a deliberate choice. We believe we are trustworthy, and that our spouse is as well, so we initiate and sustain acts that express our trust to our spouse.

We would try to do things that will make them support us rather than things that will erode that trust.

Then we must be on the lookout for signs that our partner is or is not behaving in a trustworthy manner. Making a list of the things they do that increase or decrease our confidence is a smart thing for us to do.

Then we should focus on increasing the factors that contribute to it while decreasing the things that detract from it.

It is still a smart thing to keep an open communication with your partner.

Any happy relationship is built on trust. You and your partner will face the future together if you trust each other. Without confidence, it would be difficult to do anything as a team.

If you’re a young couple or a couple that has been together for a long time, there’s still space for change in your relationship.

A mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace. #life #happy #quotes #inspiration #love

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