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Top Habits Keeping You Broke

the top habits that are keeping you broke5. You never take the first step

We are all affected by something called “procrastination.” But it is those who gain just enough courage to take the first step forward that start to create a better life. When you procrastinate, it is you who is self-sabotaging any progress.

You set your own roadblocks and create self-inflicted excuses of why you can’t or shouldn’t do something. One of those excuses is when you think that because other people hava failed at something similar you are trying to do, you will also fail.

But everyone has their own experience! And everyone does things a little different, everyone has their own habits, beliefs, perceptions, and actions which changes the individual results.

As I found myself broke all the time, there was one thing that began to change it all. I started to change my overall negative mindset into a more positive one. From there on everything started shifting which included my perception of self, of others, and of the world around me. An overwhelming amount of ideas came to me that started getting me out of that hole.

If you wish to learn more, see the Self-Empowerment Awakening back story, as it descries some of what I went through before opening my mind to the knowledge that took me out of being broke all the time, but way beyond into a journey of self-discovery.


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