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Top Habits Keeping You Broke

the top habits that are keeping you broke

1. You stop learning

Many believe that once they finish high school and college or university, they are set. They think they have learned all they need to learn to be successful. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The reality is that you should always keep learning new things, going back to school is an option but there are many ways to keep learning new things. You can buy books for example, or you can also get yourself some video or audio programs that help your personal development.

When you set a habit to keep ongoing learning alive, there will be a never-ending flow of ideas coming your way. These ideas will be the kind that gets your first business started, helps you solve problems by finding creative solutions, or ways you can bring food to the table and other experiences you wish to create.

2. You focus on linear income instead of passive income

Most people focus on linear income in the name of salary, allowances and one-off payments. Wise men on the other hand focus on passive income in the name of royalties, interest rates, value addition and profit.

Relying on passive income on the other hand is similar to building a pipeline. It may require a lot of work at the beginning but with time, you’ll no longer have to go to the river to get water – the river will come to you and you won’t starve.

This is the most fundamental principal of wealth creation that most (including you) are oblivious about.

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