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This Structure Could Grow 8 Times More Vegetables Than The Ground On Which It Stands

the benefits of vertical farming

The Benefits of Vertical gardening

Although living in the city has its conveniences, like living a stone’s throw away from your workplace or favorite supermarket, the rapid effects of urbanization and development have made gardening difficult.

vertical farming tomatoesWith people flocking into cities looking for work, and developments mushrooming just as quickly, taking up valuable ground space, most city dwellers find themselves living without a garden.

Without any land or equipment, it may seem like there isn’t much gardening to be done. However, urban gardening trends like vertical gardening and farming are literally changing the concrete landscape.

What makes vertical gardening so attractive is the fact that it gives homeowners, renters and business owners the opportunity to grow a generous variety of vegetables, plants and flowers within a limited space.

Vertical gardening also helps foster sustainable gardening habits as they use less water and can often be used as insulation, thereby saving property owners money on heating and cooling costs.

They’re also beneficial to our well-being. Plants are known for purifying the air around us and, a growing body of research shows that indoor plants have a positive effect on people, improving productivity and overall moral in the workplace. In addition to cleaning the air, installing an indoor vertical garden can be used as an eye-catching room divider.

The benefits do not stop there. Whether you have one installed on the balcony or patio, having a vertical garden on your property can provide some much needed privacy, buffer noises coming from the road and offer lovely shade during hot summer days.

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