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The Positive Side Of Rejection

the positive side of being rejected

Childhood rejections can be a bane of everyone’s existence.

Some choose to stay within their comfort zone for fear of being rejected, but this will hamper emotional and psychological growth.

Social acceptance should not be deemed the very core of human existence because to be accepted, you need to start with yourself. Unfortunately, people who have not learned to cope with rejection often acquire scarcity mentality wherein they consider social opportunities rare or non-existent.

These people need to understand that rejection may happen a lot of times and using an effective approach to deal with it can prevent resentment and bitterness.

First rejection often cuts the deepest. Some people wallow in self-pity, believing that they are not good or popular enough to be socially accepted.

However, as you acquire immunity to the pangs of social rejection, you discover ways to handle it. You begin to realize that you do not have to become someone to gain acceptance.

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