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The Positive Side Of Rejection

the positive side of being rejected

the positive side of being rejected
Have you ever felt so alone in a crowd? Do you relate yourself to a social pariah who is unable to create a connection with a stranger as you always get?

The pain that rejection brings often leaves a deeper wound that takes time to heal. Due to past rejections, you often find yourself shying away from other people, losing every opportunity to reach out.

Rejection can happen to everyone and it is not because something is wrong with you.

When you get rejected, you should not see it as a deterrent to interact with other people. If you find yourself in a room full of people, do you easily delude yourself into believing that all of the individuals occupying the room will reject you? It often takes a little push to introduce yourself to strangers.

Some of them will leave an impression of indifference but others will surely take notice of your existence.

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