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The Ability You Start Losing When You Lack Sleep

sleep deprivation


Ever wondered why some people who are sleep-deprived tend to lean towards self-isolation? New study links lack of sleep to the impairment of social ability. The study compared well-rested people with those who stayed awake for almost 24 hours.

This is an interesting study because there have been previous studies that show how an individual’s mental state is affected due to lack of sleep. I can truly attest to the negative effects of staying awake most of the time or not getting the adequate amount of sleep.

Professor Matthew Walker, one of the study’s authors, explained how the sleep-deprived fared on the test:

“They failed our emotional Rorschach test.

Insufficient sleep removes the rose tint to our emotional world, causing an overestimation of threat.

This may explain why people who report getting too little sleep are less social and more lonely.”

Those short on sleep tended to think both neutral and even friendly faces were actually threatening.

Professor Walker said:

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