When Resilience is Vital in Times of Change and Uncertainty

Resilience is a skill that helps us to navigate through adversity. It is the ability to bounce back from challenges, rather than letting them keep us down. This skill is especially vital through times of change when our stress and anxiety levels are likely to be heightened. If we become too emotional, we can become tired and worn down, but resilience helps us to keep going.
In fact, in times of change, we must maintain our resilience. Here are the reasons why.

It helps us to cope

Change can be scary. It typically pushes us out of our comfort zones, and that can be stressful, tiring, and challenging. This is especially difficult in times of uncertainty. Our brains become exhausted, trying to make impossible plans, as there is no telling exactly what is going to happen. The thing that helps us to get through this situation is resilience. It’s a skill that allows us to put things into perspective and retain a motivation to keep going, even when things are confusing.

It prevents us from wallowing

When times are difficult, it can be easy to succumb to our negative emotions and fall in a heap. Resilience stops us from wallowing in our sadness or confusion and propels us forward. It shows us that we can cope with whatever is thrown at us and that we will survive, regardless of the change happening around us. It makes us feel more comfortable with a new situation or environment as we know things will be okay.

Gives us the chance to plan ahead

Giving up might seem like an easier option, but life doesn’t stop. If you are faced with a lot of change, the best thing you can do is focus on the things you can control and adapt to the new normal. Resilience will help provide the energy and the drive for you to do this. Instead of wasting energy on unhelpful emotions, resilience will turn your attention to things within your power so you can make plans for your future. This will help you feel more comfortable about the change as you’ll be able to see where you fit in the new environment.

Human beings find change difficult, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. Still, resilience can make it a little bit easier to navigate.