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Overcoming The Fear And Anxiety Caused By Depressing News

anxiety from depressing news

How do you defeat this kind of anxiety and stress really? With all these world war 3 things we keep hearing around the internet and news, it’s so depressing, and causes a lot of anxiety for people all over the world.

What is one to do? Well there something as easy as turning the darn TV off, but even in Facebook, you keep getting all these kinds of posts.

The other day I was talking to my wife, she told me about this “psychic” (it’s hard to tell which ones are fake and which are the real deal by the way) that was doing all these “predictions” about a potential wars, and a lot of this other stuff that was supposedly bound to happen.

But here’s how I see things. I really can’t explain how I know this but simply “feel” I know it…Everything in our reality and life is like a game, of course not like any simple game, well, it is simple and complex at the same time.

In this game our main objective is to overcome all the trials and difficulties we come across with every day, another part is to also learn to grow as human beings. All the bad stuff is there for a reason, because without some of this bad stuff, well, we wouldn’t be able to see the opposite, the good things. We wouldn’t be able to grow in wisdom and even our spiritual development would be a bit slow.

A big part of this “game” is to learn to awaken from the dream. The dream is what most people are living in, it is more of an unnatural state of being. It’s a reality where we behave more like programmed robots. When you wake up from the dream per say, you become aware that just by paying more attention to the things that are closer to you and work on that, can eventually have a rippling effect that has the capacity to create change on a larger scale.

When we hear about all these bad things, we often get overwhelmed by fear, fear of dying, fear of getting hurt, fear of many things. But you don’t need to worry so much about what’s going out there, it’s a bit out of your reach anyways. So what do you do?

You are only one person. You can’t change anything about what crazy people out there are saying or doing can you?

Well think again. It’s very simple in a way. Let me give you an example.

Say you’re at a shopping mall, ready to pay for something you bought and the cashier is rude to you. Now let’s say she pushes your buttons and you go into full-blown defensive and even aggressive mode. You fight back with words telling all kinds of nasty things to the cashier, she then starts to do the same back to you. You keep going and long story short, it becomes a very unpleasant experience, even the people nearby can feel the tension and uncomfortable level of energy created by the ordeal.

Now you both go home with a feeling of hate and anger, even the people who experienced the drama there get a small dose of it. But picture this, now because it’s fresh in your mind, you can even feel it in your body in different ways, you start being grouchy at your kids, the neighbor or even your parents. This simple experience has changed the moods of those people you interacted with as well.

What happened here? One person essentially started on the wrong foot that day, lashed out on a customer, you. But you responded with the same level of energy if not worst. It affected you, your kids, neighbor, and parents. Maybe even had some effects on another layer, your kids’ friends, the neighbor’s dog, or your parent’s enthusiasm to do something nice they were planning to work on.

It had a rippling effect.

So as you can see. One person does actually have a greater effect on others. What would happen then if you chose compassion, understanding, love?

The same energy would have rippled across others you crossed paths with, even some that you did not necessarily even interacted with would potentially be affected.

When you fall in fear or get anxiety about what the talking heads are saying about the world out there, always know that you may be a drop rippling in the ocean, and along with other people having this understanding as well could create massive amounts of ripples until you become the ocean.

Don’t think too little of yourself, don’t think that you can’t change anything or affect much.

All you have to do is create that change in yourself.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”
– Rumi

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