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Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

If I think about it, it’s actually a bit strange, but I revise it in my mind and think it is true. Nothing that is really worth having is actually easy to achieve or obtain.

There are a lot of times when I do stuff where I don’t really need to do input a higher degree of effort on, because I don’t really have strong reasons or strong motivation. But there are always exceptions.

And those times when I tried and did something more than simply letting things flow by my side while I let them pass, they were actually worth it.

Hard work and determination makes it worth it

Many of what I consider to be big accomplishments, I actually had to work for it. And many of those times it was not easy at all. In fact many of those times it involved things or tasks I simply didn’t want to deal with or where even outside of my comfort zone.

But those are the times and experiences I tend to remember the most, not only because of the hardship they may have impressed upon me but the way I overcame it with work, effort, and deciding to take action.

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I remember a job I had many years ago when I was a teenager. I was collecting the trash in the offices of a grocery store where I worked at. Now there is no shame in doing that kind of a job, but to me especially when I had enough of it. I really started to hate it.

There was a time when one of the office people looked down on me and purposely threw a banana peel onto a far off trash can and missed. I’m pretty sure he knew he would miss, but after seeing I was around, he knew I’d be picking it up after him. He did did something similar in more than one occasion.

So after that day I decided to make it my goal to replace my job and surpass what he was doing at the time.

It left an impression on me. I suddenly had another reason to finish High School and keep going. I worked my butt off on College, and even studied on the go every chance I had in between working and helping care for my baby daughter.

Long story short…All that work paid off.

5 years later I visited the store and there he was. Same spot. While I was already on my way to a nice promotion on my Web career. I felt no sense of “showing off” or “pride” but I actually felt that in a way thanks to that dude trying to humiliate me I was able to work hard, and create something of my own that put me on a better path to success.


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