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Your Attitude: Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy

We are always talking about personal image and its importance. But there is an aspect that is also part of this, although it is not very evident and we can take it for granted or even overlook it, without realizing its vital importance and that is the ATTITUDE.

But what exactly do we mean by attitude? Well, we can classify it in two ways and both are equally important. The first refers to the body’s posture; as we speak, we walk, we express ourselves. The second has to do with our level of optimism, and how we face our day every day. Best of all, both are directly related.

Your attitude is either your best friend or your worst enemy. Your greatest asset or your greatest liability -John Maxwell

What does this all mean?

If you do not like how you are, you will quickly find your faults, you will be constantly criticizing yourself and you will have in mind a negative image of yourself. Therefore, your body will externalize the way you handle these thoughts.

Keep this in mind: There are no clothes, accessories, or colors that will be the perfect fit if we do not accept ourselves nor like ourselves just the way we are. We must accept and like ourselves as unique beings, regardless of our size, weight, skin color, hair type or any characteristic or feature. This will help us to reprogram our thoughts in a positive way and we will be able to transmit a positive attitude as well, feel confident and projecting trust to others. Remember: Love yourself as you are today! With all the good, with what can be corrected and with what can not, because this way you are unique and special.

Nourish the interior to project attitude on the exterior. And take into account that to obtain an image of success, you have to have an attitude of success. Start feeding your spirit with positive and healthy messages, surround yourself with people who also collaborate in that mission and goal.

A successful attitude is evident in how you naturally look, the way you walk, when you greet someone and when you express yourself, everyone else notices it even at an energetic level.


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your attitude can make or break you

Attitude starts within

Even if you do not believe it, it’s a job that starts from the inside out because if you have a positive personal image, this will reinforce your inner self as well.

The personal image is not a matter of beauty, which is something very subjective, nor is it in the way you dress. We can have a lot of clothes or wear expensive brands, but if we do not have the right attitude and confidence in ourselves, we cannot project that trust to others. We must learn to accept, it will not be an easy task, but with time it is possible. It’s just a matter of practice, I invite you to try!